Delicious carrot cake recipe

• 140 grams of brown sugar
• 140 ml of refining oil
• 500 grams of Quike cheese
• 250 grams of sugar powder
• 60 grams of white butter
• 250 grams of carrots
• 150 grams of walnuts
• 170 grams of pineapple
• 3 eggs
• 11 grams of cinnamon powder
• Cutmem 12 grams
• 10 grams of film flour powder
• 10 grams of baking soda
• Moderate salt
• 230 grams of Maska Peng cheese

Cooking methods
1. Mix the grinding carrots, essential oils, rice sugar and brown sugar.
2. In another stirring bowl, mix flour, mixing powder, meatme, cinnamon, vanilla essence and eggs.
3. In another bowl, mix the chopped walnuts and chopped pineapple. Keep.
4. Mix all the above ingredients and immerse them in baking trays. Let it bake it at 180C for 45 minutes.
5. After baking, set up for 15-20 minutes in the oven.
6. Take out the cake and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.
7. In another bowl, mix the quark cheese, Maskappei cheese, white butter and sugar powder aside.
8. Slice the carrot cake horizontally in the middle and add the quark cheese and sugar powder.

Total cooking time: 11 minutes
• Preparation time: 10 minutes
• Cooking time: 1 minute

If you are looking for simple desserts, you have nothing to do. This carrot cake is soft, sponge, healthy, absolutely pleasant!