11 Strange scholarships you have never heard of

If the university is your future, you may want to pay off without taking a large number of student loan debts. Scholarship is one of the best ways to pay university fees, because they are free funds that do not need to be repaid.

However, many students only apply for large or prestigious awards. These are of course useful, but you may face less competition by focusing on catering to the award of the audience.

The following are the most unique scholarships of 11 and the qualification standards you need to meet before applying.

1. Brain Bean Scholarship
Students who like fiber art are qualified to get the Beans for Brains scholarship. They must submit photos of knitting, hooking or knitting projects to consider. Other important factors include economic needs, academic, community services, etc.

Four scholarships will be awarded for $ 2,000 per value. Students must have 3.0GPa or higher. The scholarship is open for college freshmen, undergraduate, graduate and professional school students who are about to enroll.

2. Persist in the graduation ball scholarship
In terms of strange scholarships, this is a cake. Fashionable teenagers can apply for the Stuck At PROM scholarship. The scholarship requires students to create a dress or dress from the Duck brand tape to wear at the ball. The Grand Prize winner of the dress and evening dress group can receive 10,000 yuan, while the four runner -up of each group can get 500 yuan each.

Students must submit high -resolution photos to show their creation and written papers or videos. Although all high school grades are eligible to receive the award, there are no students from Maryland, Tennessee, Colorado, Vermont, and Nebraska or North Dakota.

3. Global Elevator Equipment Scholarship
Most scholarship applications will ask students the same problem, but the global lifting equipment scholarship is indeed one of them. To enter, students must write a short story from the perspective of no life objects. Objects must be one of the forklifts, scissors, loaders, boom lifts or accessories listed on the global lift website. The winner will get $ 500.

The number of words is limited to 2000 words, and the story must have at least two characters. This story must be told in the first person.

4. My Crimine Game Scholarship
Students who like to add word games instead of the independence should apply for this weird scholarship. Students must create their own 15 × 15 types of type to apply for my Crossword Maker scholarship instead of writing an article. Words cannot use general clues; it should reflect your personal passion and interest.

The winner will get $ 1,000. At present and the upcoming undergraduate students are qualified to get this scholarship.

5. Ananda Essay Competition
Writing a reading report has never been so favorable. In high school, university or graduate students can win between $ 2,000 and $ 10,000 in the Ayn Rand Essay Competition. Read one of the three novels of Ayn Rand, and then submit an article based on the prompts provided. You can even obtain free e -books for selecting novels through the Ayn Rand Institute.

The thesis is based on clear and organization and your understanding of the theme of novel philosophy.

6. Stop bleeding scholarship plan
Treating bleeding is a national initiative to teach people how to stop bleeding in emergencies. To apply for stopping the bleeding scholarship, students must write an article of 250 to 500 words or create a one to two minutes of videos, which tells one of the three tips related to stopping the bleeding exercise.

The first recipient will receive a $ 3,000 scholarship, the second recipient will receive a $ 1,500 scholarship, and the third recipient will receive a $ 500 scholarship.

Stop bleeding also provides parents who apply for frontline family scholarships for students who are front -line workers, which provide $ 1,000 awards. Applicants must submit an article or video to describe their parents or guardians’ work at the front line during the COVID-19.

7. Love your professional scholarship
Although many scholarship focuses on showing off your academic ability, other scholarships are more unique. LOVE Your Career Scholarship is awarded to students who can explain why they are enthusiastic about future careers.

The scholarship is issued twice a year, and each award is worth $ 1,000. Students must write a 1000 -word article and interview professionals working in their future careers. Any American college student can apply.

8. ForeClosure.com Scholarship Plan
ForeClosure.com sponsor a scholarship, asking students to explain how to buy the property of the right to cancel the right to mortgage can be a solid real estate opportunity. This article must be between 800 and 2000 words. Only current undergraduates are qualified, so neither high school students and graduate students are not qualified.

The first prize winner will receive a $ 4,000 scholarship, the second prize and the third prize winner will each receive a $ 1,000.

9. Evans Scholars Foundation
Students who have worked as a caddy can apply for the Evans scholar program of the Western Golf Association. Students must be a caddy at least two years. They must also have good academic performance and economic needs. Only high schools or college freshmen are eligible for application.

Students must complete the free application and CSS economic assistance form for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must also participate in their qualified universities in their state to obtain the qualifications of this scholarship plan. The university list can be found here.

Although the requirements of the award are strict, the application has been returned: the winners will receive a four -year scholarship, covering all tuition and accommodation costs. In 2021, 860 caddy applies, 315 scholarship winners.

10. Vegetarian teenagers are future scholarships
Students full of vegetarianism can apply for a vegetarian youth as a future scholarship, which provides rewards of up to $ 1,000.

To apply, you must be a junior or senior in high school, and you have been vegetarian for at least one year. Applicants must write an article of 300 to 600 words, indicating why the vegetarian movement is important, and how you will use your university education to promote vegetarianism.

11. DEBT.com Active Scholarship Applicant’s Scholarship
Debt.com hopes to reward students who continue to apply for scholarships, so it will issue $ 500 to students who apply for multiple awards. You do not need to apply for a certain quantity of scholarships, nor do you need to receive any scholarships. You only need to provide you who are applying for other awards to confirm the email.

You must also include a short letter to explain the reason for your application for scholarships, what you have in the process of scholarship and your plan. The scholarship is issued every two months, so there are many opportunities for students to apply.