6 Simple ways to enrich your life

Sometimes there is nothing worse than stagnation. You have been engaged in the same job for too long; you have sent a text message for the same person for too long; you have been drinking the same cup of coffee for too long. At some point, you become complacent, lose your creative spirit to find new hobbies or willing to break your daily life. It starts to hurt you, and you will flash a younger and more masculine version. don’t worry! It happened to everyone. But not everyone knows how to fight complacent. it does not matter. Here are some suggestions on how to add a little spice to your life without spending too much money or energy.

1. Watch more movies
Today, adults are increasingly adapted to the idea of entering their lives. Simple mobile games such as adult color books and Candy Crush have re -entered the vocabulary of all ages that are acceptable to the society. The cinema was the first date and late at night after school, and it is now a multimedia complex. Enjoy it! Even if you are not interested in movies, try it. Two hours will allow you to escape from your world and enter a new world, even if it is only a small part of the day. Try this-Some free time? As long as there is a movie, see what is playing, and then watch it. The worst situation? You lost $ 10. The best case? You have a very interesting time, you don’t know you can and learn some new about yourself. have fun!

2. Turn off your phone
I know. Sorry, I said it. I know very well that some of us can’t do what some of us can’t do for professional reasons or other reasons. But for those who are available, the development of observation. Turn off your phone for your brain to search for other forms of entertainment. For me, I started cleaning my house! You will listen to the old records, clean places, you don’t know if it is dirty, enjoy social transcendence and time for yourself. When you return to your phone tomorrow, you will have a lot of information to catch up -this will make you feel particularly important!

3. Join the club this month
I will not force you to participate in the rotation class of Sindy at 10 pm on Tuesday. But you will be surprised by how many monthly clubs are affordable and interesting. Here is a suggestion-Add a monthly coffee club. You can find many people from all over the world on the Internet. Every month, you can choose a new flavor of coffee to try to learn more about coffee roasting, and often support the satisfaction of new startup companies. These startups are usually young and progressive. Small businesses attract new hobbies and get personalized coffee to your doorstep. why not?

4. Cooking completely different things
This may be a strange investment, but after listening to me. Go out to buy a $ 30 recipe. It may be in the book in Thailand, India or Tiramisu. But what it has to do is to let you embark on a new path. Once you choose the recipe you want to follow, you will walk on the new aisle, understand new products and ingredients, and use your kitchen in a new way. It will scattered your attention and focus on a new project that is interesting and delicious. Your cooking skills will be improved, of course, there is no wrong! Later, a feast with friends and posted photos on Facebook to make others jealous to gain benefits. Who knows you can cook?

5. Adopt new working methods
This may be obvious, but the surprising results can be actively explained. Take your new route as an example. Maybe this is a longer way of working (in fact, I encourage it). Along the way, stop in a new place to drink coffee. Establish a relationship with the new barista. Looking around, you don’t know the cool new store. Wake up at different times and focus on re -adjusting your standard routine. It’s easy, you don’t even realize this! You can even make some new friends you don’t know-this is because you have chosen different working methods!

6. Puzzle and your friends
Although the color books may be all the rage, they are still a bit too introverted and cannot really play a role. The opportunity is that you have other friends who feel a little stagnant. Instead of catching up in the same old coffee shop or buffet laundry, invite your friends to come to make a puzzle! Although it looks naive, when you try to align with panda and whale fragments, you will not believe how fast the four hours will be -this is a good opportunity to catch up with the old gossip and interesting dialogue.