Enjoy these 5 events this Christmas this year

It’s the best time of the year. Christmas is indeed the most festive season, let alone the best season for indulgence. Of course, this includes everything, but especially “the fattest and most guilty food”. Unfortunately, it may also be the most tense season. Some people may include yourself and no longer look forward to the holidays.

This is a question you ask yourself at the beginning of the new year, that is, just like you find that you are bloated and cannot be integrated into your clothes, even if you just bought the clothes you just bought during Christmas. This is why the holiday is so bad for your body: 1.

1. Traditional festivals are too greasy and too sweet. Who can resist the taste of cinnamon on the toast? Is there anyone in the United States? All ham, cheese, Italian sausage and salted fries with sparkling wine are also culprits.

2. Snow stops you to exercise. If you like to exercise outdoors, including running in your neighbors, this is especially true. When you eat more and exercise less, you know what will happen naturally next.

3. The weather is too cold and it is too gloomy. Your natural response? If you can, you stay under the quilt all night. It’s really not healthy.

5 ways to celebrate smart Christmas

1. Exercise.
Stop blame the weather, snow and everything else, but you miss your exercise yourself. If you can’t exercise outdoors, make sure you find something else to burn fat, otherwise these fats will eventually deposit on your abdomen or thigh “” “You don’t want to do this! Although you can avoid this by removing fat group exercises.

Clean your cabinet and scrub your floor. Join the Christmas boom, shopping, or just go shopping. Do you know, will you burn 100 calories for an hour around a mall that covers an area of about one mile?

2. Shopping wisely.
When you go to food shopping, you always choose your local farmer’s market instead of the recent supermarket. There, you can get fresh and raw food. If you are lucky, you may even encounter suppliers of organic fruits and vegetables. If you have no other choices, but supermarkets, always follow these tips.

When you are hungry, don’t shop in a grocery store. Before you walk into the supermarket, or if you want to eat a proper meal, eat some snacks and coffee. Studies have shown that when you are hungry to shop, it will make you easier to desire and consume high calories and fat foods.

Start with the fresh part. Most people usually shop in the opposite way to prevent the meat from thawing and dried vegetables and fruits. However, there is a tendency to become higher. However, spending more time will help you choose the right food to eat.

3. Cake wisely.
In other words, not all dishes have the same number of calories. Plan your diet and consider the calories per meal. A good example is the ribs. Cooking ribs contain 70 calories (excluding sauce), while fried ribs contain 949 calories! Generally speaking, choosing steam instead of fried, boiling instead of baking.

4. Smart when celebrating.
Beer, red wine, white wine, champagne and pure distilled drinks, such as vodka and Du Songzi wine, are the least alcoholic beverages in each standard glass or bottle calorie. A appetizers and other finger foods and your drink. Two slices of water -beef wings contain 130 calories, while salted potato chips contain 542 calories per portal.

5. Keep calm.
When everything must be flawless, ancient and just at the time, it is easy to lose patience. Learn to relax, turn a blind eye, and the dusty shelf, if it will keep you away from a heart attack only a few steps. Don’t be a pleasant person, and know that if you need help, your loved ones will be happy to provide help.

Planning in advance will help reduce most of the pressure on the holidays. Of course, when you are anxious to buy something special in your life on Christmas, you will be in trouble. However, you survive in chaos every year, so you will experience it again this year. If you prepare a meal, you will occupy your time and energy, then, in any case, you only need to order food or even pizza for your guests. What they really look forward to enjoying is your company, not the abundant meal on your desk.