Latin America travel between $500-$700?

There is a misconception that travel is very expensive. The reality is that travel can be cheap or expensive, depending on each traveler’s technology and how they prefer to travel. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a backpacker to travel without breaking the bank. Some factors that can help you save money while traveling are:

•  Accommodation: Search and compare prices on various platforms. It is recommended that you evaluate at least three platforms, such as,, or Google Hotels. This will allow you to find your accommodation at a very competitive price without sacrificing safety and comfort.

•  Airfare: Take advantage of all possible offers. Remember, when you buy a special ticket, the money you save goes into your pocket for accommodation, food and excursions. From almost any major city in the US, you can fly to the Caribbean and some Latin American countries for $100 to $300.

•  Transportation: Consider using buses, subways and trains instead of just taxis. Collective shipping can save you up to 80% of my estimated shipping costs.

•  Food: Avoid streets or areas full of “tourist traps”. From my experience, in some destinations like Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico, street prices can drop by as much as 60% if you go outside the tourist area. Generally, the food is of good quality.

•  Excursions: If possible, consider not buying almost all excursions in advance. In many places, buying them when you arrive at your destination gives you the chance to negotiate a price.

All of these moves will allow you to explore at least one of the following countries for 5 to 8 days with a budget of $500 after purchasing your ticket:

Tips for traveling in Mexico

One of the best food and cultural destinations in the world. Mexico City is a destination where you can get beautiful and safe accommodation for less than $59 per person per night. For less than $10, you can get authentic Mexican food at Tacos Hola in Condesa.

Guatemala Travel Tips
From the volcano to the famous Tikal ruins, unique views of Lake Atitlan and beautiful Antigua. Flights to Guatemala start at $150 round-trip from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Florida or New York. For a backpacker like me, the average daily cost at this destination is between $20 and $25, including room and board.

Tips for traveling to Colombia
If there’s one country you’d recommend starting your trip, it’s Colombia. Cities like Bogota and Medellin are very cheap, and if you’re flying from cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa or New York, you can choose affordable flights. When they’re on sale, you can get round-trip tickets for $180 to $300, even in the summer. It is very easy to move between major tourist attractions. You can get top-notch views and service in Medellin accommodation (Parque Lleras, its most famous area) for $25 to $50 per night, and fine dining at the famous Mondongo restaurant for less than $10.

Ecuador travel tips
One of the most biodiverse countries in the world. You can find deals as low as $200 to and from Florida and the US East Coast. In cities like Quito or Baños, it’s easy to find great accommodation for less than $30 a night, with breakfast included. If you use public transport, you can tour the entire country for very little money. For example, a taxi from Quito to a city in the middle of the world costs $20, but a bus runs from $1 to $2.