Thai drinks that must be tasted when traveling to Thailand

When it comes to concocting refreshing drinks, Thais can be creative. From milk tea to refreshing fruity sips, trying local beverages is an absolute must! Below, we have the top Thai drinks to try when visiting Thailand below.

1. Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea)

Thai tea is probably the most popular and delicious of all Thai drinks. The orange milk tea is light and refreshing. Plus, its milky and sweet taste goes hand in hand with its aroma, making it the perfect tea drink on your travels. Cha Yen is brewed with tea leaves and then mixed with condensed milk. Due to the hot and humid weather in Thailand, most people prefer to gulp this drink chilled, but you can also enjoy it hot.

2. Oliang (Thai Iced Coffee)

Oliang or Thai Iced Coffee is similar but different to Americano. Hence the common phrase “same but different”. The coffee is blended with other ingredients, including roasted rice, caramel, and roasted coffee beans. People usually prefer it cold or iced, but if you can drink it hot too. And, if you add milk to Oliang, you can turn it into another local drink called Cafe Boran. The name Cafe Boran translates to old coffee in English. This by-product is popular at breakfast time, along with porridge and padango.

3. Nom Yen (Thai Pink Milk)

This eclectic version of traditional hot milk is absolutely delicious. Also, the Thais have figured out how to make this milk more colorful and sweet. This milk is pink in color and made from green or red syrup and is popular with the younger generation. Also, since it is caffeine-free, its sweet taste can serve as a substitute for such caffeinated beverages. To sip this drink like a local, you can serve it with some steamed buns and sweet custard or coconut sauce.

4. Super Fast (Fairy Grass)

Chao Kuai, or grass jelly, can actually be added to a lot of things, such as coconut ice cream for dessert. However, adding it to your beverage of choice is probably the best way to enjoy it. You can find many beverages in Thailand with jelly in it, from tea to juice. Our favorite, however, is the grass jelly with crushed ice and water, then sprinkled with brown sugar.

5. Nam Lum Yai (Longan Juice)

In Thailand, longan juice is known as NamLumYai. This juice is light and refreshing. Longan is a seasonal fruit, so this juice is not available on the street all year round. However, 7/11 sells non-fresh versions. Drinking the drink with ice is widely recommended for a refreshing drink with a small amount of actual fruit.

Local drinks in Thailand are known around the world for their interesting twists on traditional recipes. From longan juice to pink milk with syrupy drinks, trying Thai recipes is a great way to cool off in the heat. Plus, they can be found just about anywhere, and they’re pretty cheap!