The 10 Best Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, one of the best national parks in the United States, is located in northern Montana and spans over 1,500 square miles. Due to the remote location, it is crucial to book accommodation in advance. Glacier National Park and some neighboring cities have some inns, hotels and many amazing hikes.

There are classic resorts with a rustic aesthetic in the famous park, such as the Macdonald Lake Lodge and the many Glacier Hotels. In summer, these accommodations in Glacier National Park sometimes run out months early due to their attractiveness. Below is a list of ten places to stay while visiting Glacier National Park.

Lake Macdonald Inn
If you are staying on the western edge of Glacier National Park, the Lake Macdonald Lodge and Cabins is the ideal location to enjoy the views of Lake Macdonald surrounded by mountains. The views from anywhere in the park are unparalleled. There is an old-fashioned inn built in 1913 with the Lake Macdonald Inn and Cottages. While very comfortable, the accommodation at the Macdonald Lake Lodge and Cabins is very retro. There are no TVs, air conditioning units or lifts available in this facility (except for the suites). There aren’t many internet hotspots in the area.

Belton Chalet
If travelers are looking for a sophisticated location, Belton Chalet seems to be the best option. Guests can stay at the magnificent Belton Chalet Hotel, a Swiss chalet design hotel located at the west entrance of Glacier National Park. Belton Lodge was one of the first lodges built by the Great Northwest Railroad to encourage train travel and is now designated a National Historic Building. At Belton Cabins, visitors can choose from cabins, honeymoon suites, and standard cabin rooms. As the food at the Belton Chalet restaurant is excellent, reservations for special events are highly recommended.

Great Northern Resort
The western gateway to Glacier National Park is just across the road from the Great Northern Resort. It also has a cabin, which was only recently built to complement its gorgeous log cabin. The interior of a cottage includes a lounge, a kitchen and a dining room. Guests can choose to have up to 3 different bedrooms or a combination of bedrooms. When traveling with a large group, the easiest way to accommodate everyone’s needs is to rent a cabin.

Glacier Outdoor Center Cabin
If guests want to stay in a cabin while exploring Glacier National Park, they can look for the Glacier Outdoor Center Cabin. The location is close to the western entrance and is ideal if they plan to do any sightseeing or relaxation on the west side of the park. Every accommodation option offers modern amenities, which are also impeccable. The buildings and grounds are spotless. Additionally, they offer a variety of recreational activities including fishing, kayaking, guided tours, and more.

many glacier hotels
Many Glacier Valley areas in Glacier National Park are home to many Glacier Hotels. Located along the shores of Swift Current Lake, it has some of the most beautiful water views, especially Grinnell Point, which rises to 7,600 feet and is surrounded by Mount Wilbur and Angel’s Wings. Discover the ideal location on the east side of the park, where the attractions are some of the best in the entire park. The Great Northern Railway built a number of Glacier Hotels between 1914 and 1915, making it a famous attraction.

Swiftstream Motel & Cabins
For those on a budget who want to visit Glacier National Park, it is highly recommended that they book accommodation at the Swift Current Motor Inn and Cabins. The location’s proximity to some of the most magnificent hiking trails in Glacier National Park is its greatest feature. There are 95 log cabins in total. Some have individual restrooms, while others share facilities with other visitors. There is no air conditioning and TV in the room, and the wifi is unreliable at best. On-site dining options are limited to the Swift Current restaurant.

Glacier Park Inn
Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier Park Village is just a 15-minute drive from the entrance to Two Medicine Glacier National Park. Without a doubt, this is a great place to stay if you plan to explore the Two Medicine Valley area of ​​the park. There are a variety of rooms, including the central building and individual cabins. After a strenuous day of hiking, visitors deserve a night of relaxation in one of the hotel’s newly renovated bedrooms, one with a spa-like bathtub.

Rising Sun Motel & Cabins
The Rising Sun Motor Inn and Cabins is on the eastern edge of the park, just 6 miles from the St. Mary’s Visitor Center and across from Lake St. Mary. This 1940’s motel was renovated in 2015 and now has 72 rooms in a variety of cabins and motels. Two Dog Flats Grill is a full-service restaurant, general store, and souvenir shop. However, bookings for Rising Sun Motor Inn and Cabins were challenging. Tourists have 13 months to book, so they have to act fast.

Glacier Hut
Opposite the east entrance on Going-to-the-Sun Street, The Cottages at Glacier is ideally located above the town of St Mary. These self-contained cabins offer two to three guest rooms, fully equipped kitchens, living rooms with chimneys, cable TV, internet access, and spacious patios with gas burners from which visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Glacier National Park. Overall, if someone can spend a little more money, they shouldn’t look elsewhere. The perfect place to spend the night here.

Mountain Pine Motel
Mountain Pine Motel is located in the area of ​​East Glacier Park. This is a great place to stay if you are going to the Valley of Two Medicines area of ​​Glacier National Park. It takes about an hour to get to the St. Mary area of ​​the park, but the effort is worth it. If everything else is fully booked and you’re looking for a place to stay, the Mountain Pine Motel is an excellent choice. The hotel is simple and unpretentious. However, the apartment is spacious, immaculate and comfortable. This is a great option for those on a tight budget.