Use intelligent restrictions to eliminate interference and do more things

The list of things to do things starts to become heavy, and it seems that there is not enough time. All important things seem to be covered up by small interference. Facebook, email, reddit, news mention, any you want.

It’s not that you don’t pay attention to the importance of work, but that you seem to stifle your motivation again and again. If this is not the case, it is the work interruption that keeps you away from important things.

So your remaining important tasks should stay in the future. “But at that time, you will feel sleepy and have no motivation. Especially because you notice your energy starts to decline after lunch. Is there any way to break This model allows you to complete important tasks as soon as possible?

let’s see.

The paradox of the choice and why the website stops the expansion is not the answer
Today, the meaningful work depends to a large extent on the use of the Internet to use our advantages. However, when we open the browser, we face many options. It is easy to lose in tangles and participate in our work within a short period of personal surfing time, especially when we have a full -row of attractive bookmark links. What follows is all these freedoms: the net quality of work is poor, and the return on investment is low.

There are many tools to prevent websites, but it is easy to disable them and restore our old habits. In addition, they cleverly promoted the concept of black and white thinking mode. It is either a decentralized world, or a comprehensive productive mentality, with almost no room for rotation. In the long run, these paths are unsustainable.

So, what can we do?

You need to set up intelligent restrictions to protect yourself
Don’t underestimate the Internet. The most likely is that you will be addicted after scanning all emails to be processed. After five minutes, you even forget why you check the inbox!

Of course, we want to carefully plan when and how long to check our income boxes, social feed and bookmarks.

Example of intelligent limitation:
• I hidden my bookmark bar on the first half of my working day.
• I don’t check my email on the first hour of working day.
• I will check Facebook once a day.
• Before rest, I will restrict my work for an hour.

Preset how to improve productivity
Smart restrictions can not only ensure what you are doing, but also to ensure your attention and happiness. Without them, before you enter a world that keeps you away from your meaningful work, it is easier to follow the imaginative fantasies in your mind. However, intelligent restrictions also allow you to be free and purposeful when necessary.

If one day you don’t complete what you plan to do, it is difficult to achieve it. This permanent cycle of self -dislike, worry and guilt is what we want to avoid. Smart restrictions ensure that those days will not happen so frequently; seeing them as your child’s focus and happiness.

Without preset restrictions, we will embark on the lowest resistance without fear. What is ironic is that when we do not have any established guidelines on how to complete the work, the resistance to the completion of the work is the greatest. Let nature go naturally. It has its advantages as a free spirit without time limit. But after the meaningful work was completed, it failed tragicly.

How to start intelligent restrictions
Think about the frequency of all the websites and applications that are decentralized. List them and write down how many rough estimates you have been interrupted every day. Then, your next step will write down the number of times you want to use these websites/services under the ideal conditions.

Then, take notes in the first few days to see if you insist on your new ideas. You are likely not to achieve new intelligence restrictions immediately. But over time, you will be able to better avoid diversified websites and applications, and your productivity, happy and focused long -term results will be proven to be amazing.