What you need to know about joint pain

What are joints?
Joints are complex structures in the body that form connections where two or more bones meet. They provide support, bear weight and help enable movement.

What causes joint pain?
Any damage to a joint due to disease or injury can interfere with movement, which can lead to pain. This pain can range from mild discomfort or irritation to severe or unbearable pain, and can occur anywhere in the joint. Many conditions can cause joint pain, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains and other injuries.

Is joint pain common?
Joint pain is extremely common. In fact, according to a national survey, one-third of U.S. adults reported experiencing joint pain in the past 30 days. The most common joint pain occurs in the knee, followed by the shoulder and hip. That said, joint pain can occur in any joint of the body, such as the hands, feet or ankles. Although it can happen to anyone at any age, joint pain becomes more common as we get older.

Does anyone have to put up with joint pain?

No one needs to put up with joint pain. Even short-term pain, stiffness and swelling in a joint can affect a person’s quality of life. Regardless of the cause of joint pain, there are a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatment options available to help control or reduce pain and other symptoms.

Who can help with joint pain?
Anyone experiencing joint pain can seek the help of an orthopedic or sports medicine specialist. These specialists will determine the cause of the joint pain and determine the best treatment plan for each individual’s needs and lifestyle. Whether it is a treatment or therapy plan to treat current symptoms or the need for partial or total joint replacement, they will work with each patient to allow them to return to life more fully without pain.

How can I get immediate treatment for joint pain?
Same day appointments make it easier for patients to receive expert orthopedic and sports medicine care when they need it.