You need to stop wasting 5 things

Like you, I should do a lot of things in some days, but I didn’t do anything in the end, because I was too distracted. Then what I should not do, time vampire, I wasted too much time to do it, and I did not do anything important in the end. Thanks, I am very focused, so I won’t let these vampires take advantage of me, but it happens from time to time. How long does you be sucked in by time vampire?

In my opinion, it is also a waste of time. It is almost like delay, but not exactly the same. We know that we have a very important task or work to complete. Frankly, we are afraid of it, so we welcome distractions.

It’s not just distracted. Sometimes we are just caught in something that we obviously need to stay away. Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram …
Do I still need to continue? Do you know that this will be the first, right? If these are not the biggest time to destroy in history, then I don’t know what it is. Movement technology makes it easier to keep in touch, but we must learn to set restrictions. Nothing is more disturbing than seeing husbands and homes in the restaurant, or it is said that they can enjoy the family’s social media network with their mobile phones with their mobile phones or they happen to be obsessed with. When does our device become more important than human interaction? Don’t waste time in these things, spend more time with more people who can give you more than your mobile phone. One day, these people will disappear.

2. Negative people.
No, really, stay away from them. Once they started to spit out negative things and walked away. This is also easy. If it is not a simple choice, how about trying to change the theme of the conversation? Negative people only want to talk about negative things and engage in negative behavior. Don’t waste more precious time on them. Your time and energy are too valuable, and you can’t waste this behavior, and these people, this is exactly its original face, waste your precious time.

3. TV is a time vampire.
Carefully speaking. I’m not talking about watching movies. I think some movies are very interesting and interesting, especially in a cold night, when you want to hug the person you love or your child, and smirk in some animated characters. What I am talking about is meaningless and stupid reality show, news and other toxic programs. These programs really make you feel sad or helpless in a world full of hatred, war, consumerism and anger. Remember, there are love, laughter and joy in this world. Always look for space for this, don’t let the bad TV show take it away from you. 4. 4..

4. Complain about your life.
(There is a saying). What’s the meaning? You may not be so bad, others are worse than you. Look at your surroundings. Homeless, poverty, unemployment, violence. You complain that your boss is a bastard. This may not be important for someone who has just been fired after working in the company for 25 years. Now I have to try to find a job again. Try to see all the wonderful things in your life, not complaining about small or bad things.

5. Busy.
Learn to integrate errands and other things into you, so that you can spend some time to enjoy life. Many of us are in daily suffering, so that we have forgotten to appreciate and enjoy the beauty around us. Life must provide beauty. We want to do some things, we should do it, but don’t be too busy because of us. Take these words out of your vocabulary and start your time for you. Laugh, explore, love, take risks, sit down a good book and enjoy. Sometimes you may not be able to perform any of these operations. Choose them now.

Life is really good, we need to learn to enjoy its glory before the exhaustion. No one is willing to live with regret.